Psychopaths Dont Eat Ice Cream

Psychopaths Dont Eat Ice Cream

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John Sweeney is the CEO at Alpha.

He is also a psychopath with a vile secret. He learnt everything he knows about managing people from the mad house where he spent most of his youth and now he uses the place to recruit his henchmen among other things.Deirdre is head of Community Services. She is a self obsessed narcissist hell bent on distraction. They make a fine team.

Jess from HR is John's next target. He has chosen her to be his trophy wife and zombie sex slave. In order for this to happen he needs to wipe out her personality, get rid of all suitors and initiate her into his world of debauchery. Jess is grave danger. To survive and protect the ones she loves Jess must out think the psychopath. She gets in his bed and inside his head. Jess enlists her colleagues Joanne, Eva and Corina to take John and Deirdre down. Jess is the psychopath slayer.

"This book is not for the faint hearted but you will not be able to put it down!"